Lillian’s New Book Mouth of Truth has been released.

Lillian Boraks-Nemetz’s controversial new novel speaks to the power of truth and justice. Mouth of Truth — a gripping tale of impossible choices, divided loyalties and unimaginable horrors — reveals buried family secrets. Batya, the protagonist, has suffered discrimination, sexual, verbal and psychological abuse. Despite this, she has been trying to live a normal Canadian life. One day, a friend confronts her with a secret revelation about her father, which makes her question her family history, its legacy of guilt, and her own survival. Batya approaches a crisis brought on by series of events that trigger memories of her family s dark past. Shocked and betrayed, she forsakes her current life and embarks on a journey of discovery to look for the truth in hope of finding what lies behind the terrible secret with which she must cope before she can feel love, find healing and peace.

Mouth of Truth represents an important contribution to the field and engages – with such eloquence, insight and and sensitivity – with timely questions related to Holocaust memory, the transmission of trauma across generations, and the complexity of roles and responsibilities in a moral universe upended.”
Nina Krieger | Executive Director
Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

A work of great insight and fine delicacy about the human condition, all the while paying particular attention to how men and women and children deal with the trauma of suffering, dislocation, and death. It is all about coming to terms with such dire matters as these.
John Robert Colombo | Author, Editor, Poet

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