Tapestry of Hope

An Anthology of Holocaust Writing for Young People

Editors: Lillian Boraks-Nemetz and Irene N. Watts.

Published by Tundra Books

  • Winner of the Canadian Jewish Book Award, in Holocaust Studies, 2004
  • Toronto Jewish Book awards: Isaac Frischwasser memorial Award for Young Adult fiction, 2004
  • Recognized as Honour Book for 2004 by the International Association of Libraries
  • Finalist for the Sheila A. Egoff Award, BC Book Prizes 2004
  • Honour Book: Society of School Librarians International Awards 2003
  • Shortlisted: Sheila Egoff Children's Literature Prize
  • Shortlisted: Canadian Library Association's Young Adult fiction Award 2004
  • Pennsylvania School Librarians Association Young Adult Top 40 Nonfiction titles 2003
  • Tapestry of Hope is also nominated for the 2005 Stellar Book Award

This is an amazing book that should accompany Anne Frank's Diary in EVERY library.

It is a compilation of survivors' stories, poems, and excerpts from novels. It is a great book about the Holocaust; not just giving us a glimpse into the horror and despair, but at the same time capturing the amazing hope. It tells the stories of orphans, Jews in hiding, concentration camp victims, the resistance and survivors. It at times pleased me with their optimism and courage, but also shocked and horrified me with what they had to endure. This worked really well because this is what a book about the Holocaust has to attempt to do, not to hide the truth, but to include every aspect, so we do not simply classify it as a tragedy. This is put perfectly into words in the introduction. The author says that if the Holocaust was only about death and destruction it would be best to bury it away, but because it also contains hope we must refuse to do just that, we must learn from it so that it never happens again.

- Georgia B., CM Review, Quill & Quire Review

I drift among you

my brothers and sisters

a shadow of myself

a wisp of memory

recycling fragments

of an anguished past

from "Child Survivors" by Lillian Boraks-Nemetz

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