Other Works


  • From the Polish, Waclaw Iwaniuk, Lillian Boraks-Nemetz (as Jagna Boraks) Canadian Poets from A to Z. Edited and introduced by P. K. Page
  • Six poems from the Polish, Waclaw Iwaniuk, as Jagna Boraks
  • Seven Polish-Canadian Poets, 1984

Included in Anthologies

  • A poem: An Ancestral Dance In Jewish Prague
    in Psychoanalytic Perspectives: A Journal of Integration and Innovation. Volume 5, Winter 2007.
  • The Old Brown Suitcase 
    Girls Own: An Anthology of Canadian Fiction for Young Readers. Edited by Sarah Ellis, 2001.
  • A Speech to the British Columbia Legislature, May 2000: A Long Road to Freedom
    in Canadian Jewish Congress, Pacific Region.
  • Condensed Novella Nina de Luna 
    Aquelarre, Latin American Womens magazine, 1992
  • 2 poems, in Hong Kong Literature Monthly
  • An essay: The Child, as the Hero/Victim of the Dark Planet The Holocaust 
    in CCL, no 95, Vol 25:3


Lillian has had various articles written about her life and work, among them:

  • Life into Fiction: A Profile of Lillian Boraks-Nemetz by Janet Nicol
  • WordWorks: The Voice of British Columbia Writers, Winter 2007.

and many others.


Lillian has also appeared in several films: Hidden in PolandMy Mother, My HeroPoetry of Resilience.